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Are contact lenses right for you?

eyephoto-for-brochureContact lens technology continues to improve every year. Even if you weren’t a candidate before—even just a few years ago—there’s a good chance you can be now.
“Soft” contact lenses are still the most common form used today. They offer the most comfort, are disposable, and can provide vision correction for both distance and near needs.
“Hard” contact lenses, also known as gas permeable contacts lenses (RGP’s), while less common than when they were first introduced decades ago, are still used by some patients because they provide crisper vision and are completely customizable to your vision needs. To learn more about rigid gas permeable lenses, go to http://www.contactlenses.org/.
A new lens is available that blends the soft lens comfort with the hard lens optics. These are referred to as “hybrid” lenses.
To learn more about specialty lenses that may be right for you, visit the Specialty Contacts page.

Contact Lens Exams

If you’ve never worn a contact lens before, we’ll make it easy for you to learn how to use and wear them with maximum comfort. All of our opticians are highly skilled and professionally trained—plus they’ve all worn contact lenses themselves. We’ll take the time to make sure you know how to use contact lenses properly.
Have questions? Feel free to call the office for information and advice on the correct use of your contact lenses.

Other types of contact lenses are described on the Specialty Contacts page.


Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Videos

How to videos on contact lens insertion and removal

How to insert and remove hard lenses
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How to insert and remove soft lenses
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